February 19, 2009

traveltip: miles

In trying to continue to keep my travel tips more common, I'm trying to make them shorter and more frequent. Here's another very basic one: Sign up for a Frequent Flyer account for any airline that you fly on. There's no reason not to. Its free. If you never earn enough on a particular airline to use, you haven't lost anything. But let any flights you do take add up - even if over several or many years. (And you can also give your miles to someone else or even to a charity.) Now, in a later tip, I'll go into ways to choose one of those accounts and maximize your miles on that one account. It's not hard to earn enough in a year for a flight (or more) if you make a conscious effort to. But in the meantime, at least make sure you're signed up for accounts with any airlines that you fly, even if it isn't one you fly very often. Sign up online at the airlines websites just by entering your name and contact info. That's all it takes to start earning for what you may already be doing. Ya got nothin to lose.

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