February 9, 2009

traveltip: boxes of deals

It's no secret that I love to travel. Its my biggest vice. A few months ago I said I was going to try to start passing on various tips that I use for my travel, especially when it comes to searching and booking airfares, hotels, etc. I haven't been very good about following up on that, mainly because it seems too daunting when I try to start; but a few people have reminded me lately, so I'll try harder to keep those in the mix. Here's one that's short and quick: if you use a web start page like 'My Yahoo' or 'iGoogle', add a few travel deal content boxes to it. One I definitely recommend is Smarter Travel, which just gives you the top headlines that you would find at the time on smartertravel.com. You can add this by going to your "add content" box and typing in "smarter travel" or find others by typing in "travel deals". This gives you an easy way to keep on top of sale fares or offers that come up, so that when one comes up that might work for you, you can grab it before its gone. Earlier today I saw $700 round trip fares to Australia here. As I write this, they list cheap Europe fares on Lufthansa (around $400 round trip), $40 one way fares to Denver on Frontier, and $50 one way fares on Virgin America. These are typical of the types of blurbs you'll find. They aren't secret, but they are things that you likely wouldn't see if you didn't make an effort to look for them, so this is just an easy way of having them somewhere you check daily along with news headlines, email, etc.

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