February 26, 2009


I am in Dallas for the weekend for another rodeo with old (and new)friends. Generally, I like to think that the blog posts end up being more interesting when traveling, even if they're just galleries, because I'm able to share more interesting sights or experiences than my daily day to day. This weekend, that may be a challenge. A week or two ago, my trusty old Powerbook G4 gave out. After a lot of deliberating, I finally broke down and invested in a new MacBook Pro - but it turns out that it has to be built first. It probably doesn't say anything good about me, but this may be the longest I've been away from my computer (and its slightly unsettling). As for the blog, I haven't figued out how I'll handle the weekend yet. I may post text updates or 'out of format' photos; or more likely, I may just let it be a hiatus until next week and do some catch-up posts to share the weekend after the fact. I'm sure I'll be posting little bits on facebook throughout the weekend. Otherwise, standby for more here later and pardon the interruption or break in format, whatever ends up happening...

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