February 15, 2009

one second

More shots from another walk through El Segundo... (I had to put my truck in the shop there the other day, and its the neighboring town to El Porto where I live). El Segundo means the second - and is named for Chevron's second oil plant which is the heart of the town (and the reason for its existence). Its a mix of old 50's-70's industrial buildings, architectural offices and new lofts, and both residential and commercial buildings that appropriately are often called Mayberry by the Sea. Its an odd mix that I find fascinating. Typography like in my earlier post exists often because it has never been changed in 40 years, but just as often because its new smart design. Colors and surfaces are detailed and vibrant. The town is full of history intermingled with bits of new life, along with some sleepy village thrown in for good measure, but slighted forever by its name.

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