February 20, 2009

cut to the chase

Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre is the wonderfully ingenious and inventive work of Wilhelm Staehle, in which he merges Victorian elegance with macabre humor. Staehle takes hand cut silhouettes, which traditionally are black, and reverses them - making them "blank slates" that can have new meanings. Staehle revels in the reversal of color and meaning, particularly in old fairytales and poems that are far less innocent than they appear. His work is on display through March 1 at the Hibbleton Gallery in Fullerton (who knew they actually had art in Orange County?!), but you can also see it on his many websites, including the one for Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre. Signed prints of these, as well as booklets, cards, and even soaps are also available on his online store, the Bazaarium. Check it out (found via Design Observer).
  • Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre
  • wilhelmstaehle.com
  • The Bazaarium
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