January 29, 2009

seeing clearly

I've been trying to get better about getting out and taking walks along the beach instead of just staring at it from my desk. Today I took a walk down to the pier as the sun was setting - it was one of those times that was strangely perfectly picturesque. The sun set perfectly centered on the horizon. Right above, the moon was in a bright crescent with Venus shining extremely brightly next to it. Down by the pier, a group of boats was out in the ocean with unusual lights glaring. I heard a lady passing by explain to someone that they were squid boats. They shine light down into the water at night and the squid swim toward the lights and they scoop them up in nets. Whether that's true, I have no idea. And walking back, the lights of Santa Monica and Malibu were strangely bright and clear beyond the oil tankers that rest out in the ocean near my house - you could even make out the ferris wheel. Winter in Los Angeles. This is why we live here.

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