January 11, 2009

recent work

I've posted a couple new projects on the recent work page of my website. These are part of what had me so busy at the end of last year. The first is an open and graphics package for a show that aired on E! this weekend, called "Get A Room! 10 Most Inappropriate Make-out Moments". The look was inspired by the typography from tabloid newspapers and the original boards used a halftone effect on the imagery, but in the development process, E! art director Jeffrey Dunaj suggested using a hidden camera/security video treatment, which led to great results. The other project is an open and graphics package for "KTLA Fast Lane at the 2008 LA Auto Show". This was an emergency project that went from concept to completion in record time, so speed became the theme in more ways than one. While car shows are fairly static, the emotional appeal of cars is anything but; so I veered to a look that was all about speed and driving energy, which also helped to enliven the static settings of the car show. Links to both are below, or you can just go to the recent work page on my website.
  • jonberrydesign: Get a Room!
  • jonberrydesign: Fast Lane at the LA Auto Show
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