January 3, 2009

miss dot's

Ever since I got here, Kevin has been talking about taking me to "Miss Dot's" - and now I know why. I've had plenty of po-boys in my lifetime, but never any that compared to this. But even beyond that, everything about this place is just the ultimate in the kind of local place I love to find. Miss Dot's is actually called Domileses Po-Boy and Bar and is in the Jefferson City area of New Orleans. I knew I was going to like it when we pulled up and I saw the unassuming and virtually unmarked building with a single hand-painted sign. The business was started around 85 years ago by Miss Dot's father in law - essentially a shack with (at that time) an oyster bar and bar along one wall, with a separately owned po-boy stand on another wall. Later while her husband was running the place, she took over the po-boy stand and eventually the whole place became just the po-boy shop that she still runs today. (I could have some of that wrong, but thats gist of how I understood the story - thats her in the white shirt in the second pic). They're also big fans of Eli and Peyton Manning, who still come in regularly (they apparently stopped in last week for a shrimp po-boy). We went late, since they normally have a line. Grab a number and give your order when it comes up, then head over to the bar to get your drinks and pay. Be warned - these are some juicy and messy po-boys - especially the roast beef, though I enjoyed the oyster po-boy a lot more. You'll use a lot of napkins, but the friendliness and genuine character of the place will stick with you a long time after the sandwich is gone.

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