December 26, 2008

just my type

Tonight, Mom was going through a box of drawings and papers my brother, sisters, and I had made when we were kids. Most were drawings or stories written in school, but others were just things we had done at home, like my note to the tooth fairy that explained about the tooth it must have been left with, but then added: '2 or 3 dollars would be nice. or less.' Also in the stack was this one. Mom and Dad - oops - Santa Claus gave me a typewriter when I was in the second grade. (Perhaps the beginning of my love for typography? I mean seriously, look how beautiful that lower case 'a' is.) It was an old Royal "portable" that was probably from the 30s or 40s. This must have been one of my first notes. (Heidi Read was a neighbor.) I'm not sure where the declaration of my love for Jesus came from?! Maybe I felt guilty about the mentions of Santa Claus and had to be sure to spread the love. To this day I still type incorrectly (but plenty fast) from teaching myself at an early age.


rusty said...

you make me feel old ;-)

Anonymous said...

Jonathan, do you still love Jesus?

Unknown said...

of course