December 21, 2008


So while doing some last-minute shopping tonight (shut up), I had a question about something I found on the website for CB2. CB2 is an offshoot of Crate and Barrel, with a more modern and cheaper bent. I've always liked a lot of CB2's stuff and the way they present it, but I have to say I was shocked tonight. I called their customer service number and after 2 or 3 rings someone answered. A live person. Right away. And she was clearly in America and understood everything I said. I cant even call the doctors office or the grocery store and get a live person. It really threw me off guard, which made her laugh. Her name is Nicole, and she was nice and pleasant and fun. At 11:30pm Pacific time. Is that crazy or what? Or am I just crazy for being so shocked? Either way, they just earned more points in my book.


Anonymous said...

you misspelled "threw" dude

Unknown said...