December 20, 2008


The blog Bibliodyssey has posted an amazing collection of architectural renderings by S. Charles Lee. Most are theaters that were built in Southern California, but other buildings and theaters from other places are included as well. A link from the page takes you to a list of his theaters (74 of them!!), and while most, sadly, are demolished - I'm actually surprised that 16 are listed as open. I'm going to have to try to hunt some of these down or at least find out more information about them, but in the meantime, the drawings are beautiful as drawings alone. Still, knowing that so many of these drawings that look like fantastical concepts were actually constructed to be real buildings is even more amazing to me. (via Design Observer)
  • Bibliodyssey: Art Deco California
  • Cinema Treasures: Listing of theaters designed by S. Charles Lee
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