November 15, 2008

fall colors

As you may have heard, LA is on fire. Its almost like its just one of the seasons for us the way it happens with such regularity. Mom and Dad watch a lot of news, and they also get the LA tv stations, so they sometimes know more about whats going on here than I do. Mom called to make sure I wasn't on fire. As soon as I had explained that the skies were blue at the beach and I wouldn't have even known there were fires if I hadn't had the tv on, the sky started to change. Smoky clouds started coming in from the south and soon enveloped the whole area, making for what felt like a deep orange sunset at 4pm with the sun still up. You could smell the fire in the air and ash was falling. It was surreal. Unfortunately, it was all too real for a lot of people, made even more clear when my friend Darrin checked to see if he could stay here with his dogs if they got evacuated. As much as I'd enjoy the visit, I'm glad that he hasn't called to say he's on his way. (by the way, the top two pictures were taken at the same time - the top one out my front door and the second one out my back door)

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