November 25, 2008

click it

I just got an email from my friend Tina that her short film "In Twilights Shadow" will be making its tv premiere Wednesday night on Logo's 'The Click List'. This is the film I wrote about a few months ago after I saw it at a screening in LA. I used to work with Tina at abc, and this is not what I expected from my fun little fellow southerner. This is one super-slick highly produced vampire action thriller kinda flick. And apparently the way the film business works (I think?) is that you make a short film like this in hopes of getting a deal to make the full-length thing; and while I'm not sure, I think the way 'The Click List' works is that the higher votes a film gets, the longer it stays on the list and the more exposure it gets. It airs at 10pm et/pt and can then be seen on the website starting Thursday. So help Tina out - watch it Wednesday, but more importantly, watch and vote for it starting Thursday here:
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