October 8, 2008


I was so impressed by my hotel in Prague that I promised that I would write about it - and never did. A lot of hotels (like the one I stayed in in Berlin) bill themselves as 'design hotels' and don't really live up to that description, so by the time I got to Prague I wasn't sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised when I got to my room in the Hotel 987. Furnishings were modern and funky, but what stood out the most was the bathroom. Reviews on TripAdvisor showed that the bathroom setup was a love or hate thing - a lot of people complained about it and others loved it. The sink was in the main room with no privacy. I could understand that some might not like that if not in the room alone. On either side of the sink were small booths with orange plexiglass doors. One contained the toilet, and the other was an awesome slate shower with a large overhead showerhead. The room was large, and so was the bed (most beds in Europe are single beds, and 'double' rooms are often two single beds pushed together (with two single mattresses). Since I had declared Prague my 'rest up' part of the trip and had a day or two when I had to stay in the room and work, I appreciated having the bigger bed and nice surroundings. The hotel is right by the train station - an easy walk or trolley into city center with a trolley stop right out front. If you're traveling (anywhere), I do highly recommend TripAdvisor.com. When searching, you can use maps and then check user reviews and user-posted photos. Though you can't book directly on the site, you can link to multiple sites to check rates. I haven't always been perfect at my picks, but I have come across some great places thanks to the site - and this was one of em. When I booked, it was one of the cheaper hotels open, so if you find yourself headed to Prague, give it a look.

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