September 16, 2008


Having lived in California so long, I forgot about Winter. Or at least that it exists outside of January and February. So a couple days of rain and temps in the 40s and 50s took me by surprise, though I should have known better. I trekked out yesterday in the rain nevertheless to get a last wandering of Prague before heading to Munich today. I had yet to walk around the 'castle' grounds specifically, which I never exactly figured out if it really is a castle, or just a massive complex of palaces and churches that all grew up next to each other. I found a tram that took me up there and wandered my way back through the city from there. In endless ways, you truly find yourself flabbergasted how stunningly beautiful this city is. And while its beauty of centuries old buildings, it somehow doesn't seem fake in a Disneyland-like way, the way I found Venice to feel. I don't know how to say beautiful in Czech, but I think the word should be "praha".

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