September 24, 2008

night side

Most of Monday and Tuesday were work days; I hardly left my hotel room, which is probably okay, especially for Monday since it was cold and rainy and a good day for recovering from Sunday! Still, its hard to spend so much time in my room when traveling because I feel like I'm wasting the time wherever I am, but I have to remind myself that being able to work while traveling is what makes the travel possible in the first place. Last night my friend Richard met me after finishing some work late and we wandered out to the Oktoberfest grounds for a bit. We checked out the Hofbrau tent - very different and nowhere near as fun as the Braurosl Sunday; and we took in a rollercoaster. I also had my first Hax'n Semmel - I dont know what it was - some sort of meat sandwich, but it may have been the best thing I've ever had here. Yum. An interesting point in the night was in the Hofbrau tent when an older German man sort of attached himself to us when he realized we were Americans, trying to tell us how much he loved Americans. Despite his drunken German speech, Richard said it sounded like he was essentially saying that 'both the Russians and Americans got rid of Hitler, but the Americans gave us food'.

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