September 18, 2008

gearing up

As I mentioned, I'm in Munich now. Even since I've gotten here you can feel the change day by day as the town gears up for Weis'n (the real name for Oktoberfest). I met up with my friend Richard last night and we met up with friends of his for beers. I don't know if its Munich or if its Richard's friends, but I always have a great time and can't get over how friendly everyone seems here. Today was a day of errands - some shopping - though haven't gotten any lederhosen - yet, and finding a laundry and getting another haircut, etc. Its cold out, but that didn't stop the Bavarians from filling the biergarten that I walked by. I didn't stop for one. While I wish it was warmer, it almost doesn;t matter - Munich's good mood is infectious.

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Jim said...

These pics bring back memories. I grew up there. I see you've been to the Viktualienmarkt and Gärtnerplatz. And they still have some of the older Trams running. Weather in Germany is always unpredictible. Unlike Las Vegas, where it's always sunny. If you have time and you haven't been already, check out the Deutsches Museum. It's a whole day event but well worth it. Have fun in München, or Minga as the Bavarians say. Oh...and "Prost."