September 6, 2008

fair weather

Today was a big street fair in Shoneberg that was my main reason for coming to Berlin. I have to admit, what I was most distracted by and impressed with were the beer trucks and how cultural the differences are with how they work compared to ours in the states. The germans are serious about their beer - even when its the local version of Budweiser. I can't imagine where in the US you would find such elaborate trucks - theirs have space for the servers to walk around, nice taps, refrigerators, awnings, fold out tabletop areas to stand around, etc. - and beer is served in glass mugs. Not once did I hear one get dropped on the ground. In the US, its usually a trailer with a few taps on the outside to fill up plastic cups with. Regardless, it was a fun afternoon, albeit not quite the fest I had expected, I suppose I had my expectations too high. As night fell, so did the rain, which also put a damper on night festivities in the neighborhood. But somehow even rain in the neighborhood seems more charming here.

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