September 4, 2008


wow...oops. Well that was an unexpected gap in posts! I have made it to Berlin safe and sound. Jet lag has hit me pretty hard. I flew direct to Amsterdam and then on to Berlin. Oddly enough, the flight to Amsterdam felt no longer than a flight to New York does and I felt perfectly good then. But about an hour later while waiting for my next flight, it hit me. This is the first time I flew straight to Europe from California rather than connecting somewhere like Atlanta or Chicago first - I'm not sure that this was a better option! Though its not like I had a lot of choice anyway since I was flying on SkyMiles. Nonetheless, I made it. After catching a few hours sleep, I ventured out. I had to keep looking at signs to remind myself that I was in Germany. After the month in New York, I am so used to being in unfamiliar surroundings that I was not yet cognizant that I had left the country. Being able to walk in a bar and order a weissbier is a bit of a reminder though. Today was devoted to sleep in hopes of defeating the jet lag. Hopefully by tomorrow I will be back to normal. Then again, whats normal for me anyway?

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