September 26, 2008

braurosl in motion

I'm in Amsterdam now, but before I switch gears completely from Munich, I got a chance on the flight here to put together some short clips I took during Braurosl Sunday at Wies'n (Oktoberfest). These are just a taste, but I figured it might give you a hint of what the festivities are like and the general singing to schlager music atmosphere of the place. Its not possible to capture the full fun of the place, but since the singing thing is such a foreign concept to Americans, I wanted to try. Keep in mind that in most of the clips, everyone is standing on tables and benches (as am I). Here's a link to the clip:
  • YouTube: Braurosl Sunday at Wies'n (Oktoberfest)

    langolier said...

    Thanks for the video, Jon. (on my MacBook)

    I tried to show mom on her iPhone and got "Video Unavailable
    This video does not currently
    support iPhone."

    Can't view it on mine either. But we have no trouble viewing your jonberrydesign reel on our iPhones?

    Rats! I wanted her to hear the last song.


    Unknown said...

    Hmmm... I dont know why that would be, but don't really know enough about YouTube or iPhones to know. Like most tech things, I just use em, I dont understand em. :) Maybe its just because its still newly posted?