September 1, 2008

back on the plane gang

I'm getting ready for yet another long plane flight, so I had plans to write a great post with some tips about earning and using airline frequent flier miles. But, that's gonna have to wait, because as usual, I'm in semi-panic mode with pages of lists of things to try to get done. The good news for anyone who reads this regularly is that I should have a few weeks of good posts coming. When I travel, the blog becomes my way of keeping up with friends and family, as well as a way to share my experiences, which makes traveling alone not seem lonely. And there's rarely a shortage of interesting things to share, even if its just a few slivers of whats around me that day. I'm headed to Berlin, Prague, Munich (a return to Oktoberfest!) and then a stop in Amsterdam on the way back. Fasten your seat belts.


Anonymous said...

Have a brew on me, or 4 or 6...Enjoy!!!

Anonymous said...

Cool!!! I can live through your posts! Have a great time!