August 7, 2008


Since its already Friday in China, this was the live view of the Birds Nest that was on a video feed that I could put on a monitor thats next to where I work. Wow, talk about smog. We kept sayin that someone in China is in trouble for that on opening day. Funny thing is, before the Olympics, I never knew that China was so polluted or had that image of it. Anyway, in the same way its wild to be making files and 'sending em to China' for broadcast in the Olympics, just by sliding them into a folder on my desktop, its also wild to have this little window to China from my desk in New York.

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Mark Baker said...

I've been following the pollution story, superficially, on James Fallows's blog for the Atlantic. Even eight years ago, it was crazy to look at the photos we took (say, of the Temple of Heavan) and compare them to the sanitized/bowdlerized versions on post cards.