August 19, 2008

when snacks attack

When working the Olympics in Torino, one of the benefits of working at the International Broadcast Center was the 24-hour free commissary and the various 'craft services' tables all over the building. Those table (almost) always had a plentiful array of snacks - from candy bars or chips to fruit, yogurt, cheese, etc - along with the fully stocked cooler of soda and drinks. Needless to say, my addiction to diet Coke/Pepsi was in full gear there, especially since I like the taste of Coke Light (the European equivalent) even better. One of the fun things about those tables is that the snacks were local Italian snacks, which were often interesting or unusual combinations or flavors,or just unusual names (for instance, they often had bags of chips out that were called "Teenagers"). To provide a similar benefit, NBC has snack tables around our offices here in New York during the Olympics, one of which is right by the door to our room. To their credit, they keep it stocked; but the snacks offered have never changed. Chips, Oreos, NutriGrain bars and Snackwell cookies. Day in, day out. I built a house out of them one day out of frustration. So it was big news today when some new snacks appeared! Teddy Grahams! SunChips! They didn't last long. And as much as we whine and bitch about only having a selection of junk there, we still keep grabbing 'em constantly through the day. (By the way, the fruit you see in the pics is stuff we bought ourselves to try to have something healthy on hand). And that Diet Pepsi habit I got rid of a few while ago? Forget it. I couldn't begin to tell you how many I've had in the last three weeks. Trips to the gym? I can count those on one hand.

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