August 5, 2008

the rock

There's no denying that Rockefeller Center is an impressive place to work. Today I had to wander around some of the public areas and discovered a little more to how vast and impressive it is (the basement is essentially a huge shopping mall with everything from Banana Republic to a Post Office, but in art deco proportions and fixtures built as part of the original building. Now, our work areas are not as plush in any way. In fact, they very much resemble the tv station I worked at in Texas - built in the 40s with institutional classroom/office styling and obvious pseudo-repurposing over the years. I'll show them after the games begin (since whats on our screens now is not yet for public view). Its also interesting to think that, for as vast as the plaza and underground areas of Rockefeller Center are, I bet most of the large office buildings here have something similar.

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