August 8, 2008

out and about

Kind of a busy day for me. After almost a week of repeating the work, hotel, sleep, work, hotel, sleep pattern, I finally forced myself to go out last night. Then today I got up early enough to jump a subway down to the neighborhood Myron and I stayed in for the AllStar Game for a haircut. It may not sound like a lot, but it felt pretty significant in breaking that cycle. And of course today started our busy period when we hit our stride. Since the broadcast is now on, I'll be able to show some work soon. And speaking of which, I hope you were able to catch the Opening Ceremonies for the Olympics. They were really amazing and impressive. Worth finding online if you missed them.

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Anonymous said...

The opening ceremonies in Bejing were truly spectacular. My city, Toronto, bid for the 2008 games. I have to laugh at what sort of show we would have put on, nothing, I imagine, on that scale. Looking forward to seeing what Canada does in Vancouver 2010. I think winter games are more our style. Enjoy New York!