August 20, 2008

in motion

I've had a few requests to see the movies of the bumps that I've posted frames of - thanks to my friend and coworker Dave I'm able to show you even better - a couple of these as they were used on air. The other two are shown as I delivered them. We never know how they will end up being used or if they will be used at all, so its always a bonus when we or someone else catches them on-air. And when they do something interesting with them like play them on the set rather than just playing them full frame on-air, thats even more of a bonus for us. A couple of these are the last design/format that I posted frames of, and the other two are the 'next step' or 'next phase' that I came up with (of course, I'm not posting the couple of not-so-successful attempts that came in between).
  • Day Torch bump on air
  • Platform Diving bump on air
  • Swimming bump as delivered
  • BMX finals bump as delivered

    Unknown said...

    Thanks Jon for the movie posts! Absolutely incredible designs. Since my last posting asking to see some movies on your site, I was able to catch a few others on prime time on the set. Really awesome work!

    Evan said...

    I concur, very awesome indeed.