August 21, 2008


I've written a couple times over the past year or two about Coca-Cola's branding and how impressive it has become since their label/can redesign, particularly for how well controlled it is and how well it has extended to all aspects of its packaging and advertising. Because of that, I find it curious that they are running this commercial very heavily in the Olympics. Its a good image spot, its fun and upbeat and speaks to summer. It works. So this isn't necessarily a criticism, just a curiosity...because its an old spot from 2005. And even moreso, because the diet Coke cans throughout the commercial feature the old label and old logo that was replaced a year ago. Chances are, nobody noticed - which is why I don't know that it's a bad thing. But advertising folks are really hypersensitive about this kind of thing. For an ad buy as high profile as the Olympics, and for a company as thorough about their brand management lately, I just find it interesting.

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