August 13, 2008


Another day, another bumper. I'm actually kinda proud of this one. It's my farthest departure from Dave's format shown in the examples from yesterday, but still stays true to it general feel and motion, as well as color palette and typefaces (and thus still successfully merging to the grander big 3D look of the package as a whole. Yet this also ties to something Dave mentioned to me about wanting to play off a feel similar to constructivism, which I also did in some of the type below (note to my nephew Evan and any other design students out there - this is why your art history and design history classes matter); as well as tie to my own personal typographic sensibility. I feel good about merging all of those in a way that I think is successful. Unfortunately, I don't think it aired. It seems that a lot of the graphics we are creating never air - not sure why, guess thats just how it goes.


Evan said...

Doesn't help when you don't cover constructivism in art history class! Had to google it. But yeah I've learned that a current trend in design nowadays is to go back and use traits from past art and designs.

Mark Baker said...

Curious about your opinion of the NBC Beijing logo. I liked it for an instant, but can't get the Purdue Boilermakers out of my head.