August 11, 2008

another view

Since you've seen some of the work now, here's a peek at where its coming from. Not as glamorous as the lobby and public spaces of Rockefeller Center, huh? Its actually pretty similar to the setup we had in Torino. Five of us share a room, with all of us having our own corner (mine is the pic at the bottom). We work 12 hour shifts and trade off with another crew for the other 12 hours. Kathy, one of the designers from the 1a-1p shift added the China decorations, so we've ended up with the most festive room in the place. The papers on the door are really what rules what we do. The 'Day 4' notice keeps us all on the same day, since all of our files are labeled and stored according to which day it is in Beijing. The other papers include lists of some of the graphics requested for the next upcoming broadcasts, which we pick from and/or are assigned. Our computers share drives with those in Beijing, so files we drop into folders can then be accessed by those on site - its often faster to transfer a folder to a drive in China than it is to transfer something from another computer in the same room. A lot of genius engineering in there that I can't even pretend to understand. It still isn't the same as being there, but it works.

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Evan said...

yep, everything on the left hand side of your workstation is on my christmas list :)