August 15, 2008

180 degrees

Maybe its just hitting the burnout stage from the long hours and days in a row without a break, but its gettin tough to be here. What I wouldn't do for some space and open sky. Especially when the normal view from my desk is of the ocean and sky out in front of me, these dark walls everywhere really are gettin to me. When I tell people that I moved to LA from Dallas, the response I get is usually 'wow, thats a big change'. But I never saw it as so much of one. Now I realize that maybe its because both places are so open and (sort of) flat with vast open sky, and thats the way I unconsciously saw the two as similar. Not the case here. Its just a little homesickness I'm sure, which is a normal part of the Olympics gig (as I learned even in Torino - see link below). This too shall pass. Its all good.
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