July 28, 2008

woo woo

Sunday was the last episode of Design Star, and my friend Matt is in the final two. The difference this episode is that instead of judges deciding who gets kicked off, a viewer vote by text message and online vote does. You can vote until 10am Eastern Wednesday morning. You can vote for Matt on hgtv.com or by texting B to 44881.

So - I'm an episode behind - here's last weeks, then this weeks:

Shiny open. Matt snores. Host appears. Host talks. Everyone woos. Jen gets client - her sister. Jen cries. Trish gets client - her parents. Trish cries. Matt gets client - his parents. Matt cries. Everyone flies cheap. Everyone visits families. Everyone gets rooms. Host visits Trish. Everyones carpenters show. Everyone shops. Everyone works. Host visits Jen. Trish shops. Matt shops. Trish shops. Matt cant find chairs. Jen has carpet problems. Next day. Everyone works. Everyone scrambles. Host blows horn. Work ends. Everyone flies back. Everyone in shiny room. Jen shows house. Judges like it. Matt shows room. Judges like it. Trish shows room. Judges are so-so. Judges deliberate. Trish is kicked off. Everyone hugs. Door slams. Matt and Jen are final two. They woo. Jen cries. Stay tuned for next week. (which is now...)

Shiny open. Matt and Jen schmooze. Host talks. Matt and Jen woo. Really. They woo. Host talks some more. Video plays. Matt shows sympathy face. Challenge given (help Katrina families homes somewhere near New Orleans). Host talks more. Matt and Jen fly cheap. Cheesy arch stuck on street. Matt woos. Host talks. Matt woos again. (who knew Matt was such a woo-er?!) Matt and Jen talk to families. Matt and Jen plan. Matt and Jen shop. Host yells. Work ends. Next day. Matt woos. Mikey V and Trish show up. Teams work. Next day. Teams work more. Matt and Jen shop. Teams work. Jen hits snag. Day ends. Everyone hugs. Next day. Matt and Jen work. Jen cries. Matt works. Jen works. Host yells. Work ends. Judges show up. Vern has big hair. Really big hair. Judges like both houses. Matt shows house. Family loves it. Jen shows house. Family loves it. Lotsa screamin. (and woos). Marching band. Sudden slow mo. Sappy music. Host talks. Show ends.

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