July 20, 2008

woo-less star

So I've been taking a lot of heat for my Design Star update/recaps. Look, I never said its a good show. I love a lot of reality shows that are either well done or just bad but fun to watch (like The Hills, Project Runway, Top Chef, Flipping Out, etc.) - this isn't one of them. And I never said it was. But my friend Matt is on this one - and he's good. So these updates are a means for keeping up with what happened on the show for anyone interested that can't watch or doesn't want to. This update is actually a week old, but I usually wait a few days before posting an update for the sake of anyone watching later on tivo anyway. (I'm a little behind due to the All Star Game trip, but tonight's episode update will come in a few days.) So, here's what happened on last weeks episode:

Shiny open. Trish's finger hurts. Mikey pulls. Trish whines. Host enters. Host talks. Group yells "woooo". Group watches video. Host talks. Group opens cans. Tracee gets leader. Group grimaces. Group meets family. Family wants new kitchen. Family wants color. Host appears. Challenge starts. Trish needs medic. Firemen come. Firemen cut off ring. Group deliberates. Group wants tile. Matt says no. Tracee keeps talking. Everyone else starts working. Tracee keeps talking. Group gets huffy. Group deliberates. Tracee keeps talking. Tracee and Matt leave to shop. Group grumbles. Matt comes back. Tracee shops more. Group hangs drywall. Tracee finds countertops. Groups happy. Group works. Host appears. Times up. Nobody woos. Tracee makes schedule. Group works. Tracee shops. Groups works more. Tracee shops more. Host appears. Tracee shops. Too late for tiling. Tracee still shops. Tracee gets back. Group works. Host appears. Times up. Group argues. Nobody woos. Final day starts. Some guy walks in. Guy talks. Group works. Group scrambles. Host enters. Horn blows. Challenge ends. Group enters shiny room. Group shows room. Judges not impressed. Family likes room. Sorta. Group argues. Tracee blames Trish. Tracee called to carpet. Matt shows hosting tape. Judges like it okay. Trish shows hosting tape. Judges love it. Mikey V shows hosting tape. yikes. Judges not impressed. Tracee shows hosting tape. Judges mixed. Jen shows hosting tape. Judges like it. Judges deliberate. Group argues. Tracee gets kicked off. Tracee cries. Nobody else does. Tracee hates group. Jen and Trish declared safe. Mikey and Matt left. Mikey kicked off. Stay tuned for next week.

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