July 21, 2008

the waterfalls

I mentioned last week that Myron and I went down to the Brooklyn Bridge to walk across it and also to check out the NYC Waterfalls art installations along the East River (which apparently isn't a river, who knew?). The Waterfalls is a public art project designed by Olafur Eliasson. Eliasson likes to take inspiration from natural elements to create sculpture and installations that bring about a sensory experience. In 2003, he created a weather project in the Tate Modern that featured a sun of 200 yellow lamps, mirrors, and mist. With the waterfalls, he wanted to integrate the beauty of nature into an urban environment on a grand scale. There are four waterfalls, one under the Brooklyn Bridge, and three others nearby. There is a boat tour that you can take to view them, but they are also easily visible from the bridge and other places around the city. They're pretty impressive in an understated kinda way. Its interesting how they fit right in while being so out of place at the same time. They run through October 13. If you happen to be in NYC, be sure to check em out.
  • The New York City Waterfalls
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