July 31, 2008

tutu cool

This is the hotel I stayed at here in New York for the last couple days. (I've now moved into the hotel near Rockefeller Center where we are being housed - I came a couple days early to have a couple days off here before jumping into the 7 day a week schedule tomorrow). Anyway, for a couple days I stayed in a place called the Desmond Tutu Center, part of the General Theological Seminary in Chelsea. They seem to have renovated and converted one of the buildings (built in 1895) into a hotel and small conference center, but the rest of the 'campus' is still the Seminary (something I didn't realize before I got here - I thought it was a seminary that was converted to a hotel completely). Breakfast is served in the refectory, which is breathtaking. (I admit, I never made it to breakfast. Shocking, I know.) The other buildings seem to be classrooms and dorms, and clearly have not been refurbished the way the hotel building has been. The location is perfect in the heart of Chelsea (though the closest subway stop is a few blocks away if you're hauling a lot of luggage), and the hidden parklike setting is like being in another world. It's also one of the cheaper hotels in the area (at least it was for when I booked). If you're traveling to New York, staying in a vacation rental like Myron and I did for the AllStar Game is still your best bet for experiencing New York at a reasonable price, but if youre traveling alone or just prefer a hotel, check this one out. (That was my room on either side of the triangular roof gable in the last pic.)
  • The Desmond Tutu Center
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