July 14, 2008

training day

The Sunday of All Star Week is always sort of a training day for us. Sunday is the Futures Game (minor league players), which admittedly is a little boring since we never know who the players are, and then the Celebrity Softball game. The softball game can sometimes be fun, but is a better on-tv event since the announcing drives most of the jokes and fun, but you can only hear that on tv and not in the stadium. Plus, there just are never a whole lot of people there for it. So, the day becomes a good day to get acquainted with the ballpark, to walk around and explore it, get familiar with where things are and how things work there so when its packed on Monday and Tuesday you already know your way around. I have to admit that Yankee Stadium seemed a lot smaller than I expected (in a good way). People also were friendlier and happier than I would have guessed. Are you sure this is New York?! I might even concede that the Nathan's hot dogs they serve might be tastier than Dodger Dogs. Maybe. Myron and I also got baseball cards made while there. Overall, a fun way to start the events. We've gotten pretty well versed at getting around the subway too, so afterwards it was back to the Village to wander and have a few beers. We feel like we're getting pretty well trained.


langolier said...

Suck it in, Myron.

Kevin said...

Jon, you are such a HAM!