July 12, 2008

state of mind

Yup, I'm in New York. My friend Myron and I meet up every year for the All Star Game, and this year its at Yankee Stadium. We've rented a flat in a rowhouse in the East Village, which is cool, not to mention cheaper than hotels. We got in last night, wandered and had a great dinner at a Bavarian brewhouse called "Lederhosen" in the Village (which even had my favorite beer - Weihenstephaner Weiss - on tap). Today we'll go wander around for our tourist day, then the games start on Sunday through Tuesday. Tickets were outrageous, which I have to admit we didn't realize. Face value on the tickets is more than 3 times what face value was last year - that's face value, not an inflated scalped price. I'm not sure why they made such a jump - if thats a NY or Yankee Stadium thing or if MLB is just making that kinda jump in prices from now on. Yikes. Since I hate the Yankees with every fiber in my body, the good thing is that it gives me a chance to see Yankee Stadium (in its last year) without having to go a Yankees game. Plus, for as often as I've been in New York, its always been for work, and I've never really seen much of the city. Its a different state of mind than I've had for trips to NYC in the past. Kinda nice.

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