July 10, 2008

star woos

Time for another installment of my weekly recap of Design Star. My friend Matt is a contestant and our friend Eryk suggested I do a weekly recap. This weeks episode was odd - it was built around the idea of designing hotel suites for a country star - but we barely meet her for all of 5 minutes with no biographical and musical info/montage, etc - if you aren't a country fan, you're clueless about who she is. Anyway, here's this weeks recap:

Host introduces challenge. Group goes "woooo". Host names country star. Group woos. Host talks. Group woos. Group opens cans. Group woos. Group picks teams. Host talks more. Group woos. Group gets on bus. Matts team meets Sara Evans. Other team meets Sara. Sara likes comfy couches and old doors. Group goes to hotel. Challenge starts. Group woos. Teams go in rooms. Teams sketch. Teams shop. Teams paint. Host visits. Work ends. Work starts. Teams split up. Mikey and Tracey shop. Matt builds. Jen antiques. Stephanie shops. Matt and Jen shop. Matt's cranky. Tracey and Trish shop. Mikey builds cool door headboards. Teams scramble. Work ends. No host. No woos. Work starts. Teams work. Teams shop. Matt's team's sofa won't fit through door. Teams scramble. Host blows horn. Challenge ends. Host talks. Group woos. Everyone tapes a hosting standup. Group goes in shiny room. Judges watch standups. Trish gets best review. Matt's team presents room. Sara visits room. Sara likes it. Judges say its okay. Other team presents room. Sara visits room. Sara loves it. Judges love it. Judges deliberate. Mikey, Trish and Tracey are safe. Matt is safe. Stephanie is kicked off. Door slams. Stephanie cries. Jen cries. Group hugs. Stay tuned for next week.

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