July 3, 2008

star woes

Here's my next installment of the weekly recap of Design Star. Matt doesn't have his best day in this one, but I'm still maintaining my good feeling about Matt's fate, because he's still getting lots of prominent face time and soundbites (not that he's told me anything, just my hunch from working on shows like this). In this weeks episode:

Shiny open. Group finds envelope. Group goes "wooo". Card mentions passport. Group woos some more. Groups goes to teeny airport. Host pops out of teeny plane. Group woos. Group opens cans with country names. Group woos. Host opens big garage. Group woos. Multiple white rooms are in garage. Host explains challenge, mentioning sponsor name. Group woos at sponsor name. Everyone sketches and plans. Group shops. Group works. Everyone paints. Michael slams Tracee's room. Matt plays fort. Host visits rooms. Matt fumbles. Michael and Mikey finish early. Matt scrambles. Michael slams Tracee's awful room. Host blows horn. Work ends. Group woos. Group visits with unknown tv people in green room. Group enters shiny room. Jennifer shows room. Judges like it. Tracee scowls. Tracee shows room. Two judges hate it. Michael shows room. Judges hate it. Trish shows room. Judges are mixed. Stephanie shows room. Judges dig it. Mikey shows room. Judges are mixed. Matt shows room. Judges don't dig it. Judges deliberate. Michael cries. Judges scold group. Mikey and Trish get safe scores. Jennifer and Stephanie get best scores. Michael, Tracee and Matt are final three. Michael cries. Michael gets kicked off. Door slams. Michael cries some more. Stay tuned for next week.

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