July 16, 2008

long ball

Our last full day in New York made for one looong day. We started the day with a long walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. We wanted to check out the "waterfalls" art installations along the East River. They were pretty cool - I'll have more shots and details about those later. And then of course was the game. It started with a long ceremony of Hall of Famers taking the field in their old positions. That stuff always makes me teary. The B2 Stealth flyover was pretty cool. I still don't have any idea what the Village People were doing there, but hey, who cares. Overall, it was a great time, but I take back what I said about Yankee fans being friendly and fun. As usual, the American League won, but with 15 innings, it wasn't like both teams didn't have a lot of chances to put it away. The game was one of the longest All Star Games in history, and finally ended about 1:40am. Though I've been to a few games that lasted that long, I'm pretty sure it's the first time I've ever done a 14th Inning Stretch. Although I'm on my way back to LA now, I'll have plenty more to show from New York over the next couple days.

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