July 15, 2008

le jour de gloire est arrive!

Myron and I realized yesterday was Bastille Day, so it became our theme for the day. Myron started his day with French Press coffee (I had - um - un pepseee!) and croissants. Later we found a french jazz cafe in the East Village for Moules et Frites. Myron bought a beret from a vendor on the street and we stopped at the arch for pics before having belgian beer (its the closest we could find to french), and then headed on to the stadium. Last night was the Home Run Derby, which is always the best event of the week. And last night's was incredible. Josh Hamilton made a new record with 28 first round hits. You just can't explain what it's like to watch a guy hit home run after home run after home run. The crowd was amazed and the atmosphere was electric - it was really amazing to be in the middle of it. Unfortunately (as usually happens), he wore himself out and Justin Morneau won the event. (Of course the guy with the French name won, it was Bastille Day!)

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