July 1, 2008

half full

I have a feeling this is another one I'm going to be in the minority on... but Pentagram has unveiled their new logo for MillerCoors (a new joint venture formed by Coors and Miller). Now, its really important to point out that this is a corporate logo, not a product logo. That means this is the logo you would see on financial reports, corporate booklets, business-to-business stuff, not on beer cans. The logos of their beers (more than 30 of em, including Coors Light, Miller Lite, Molson Canadian, Foster’s, Grolsch, Peroni, Pilsner Urquell, Killian’s Irish Red) will remain the same. It has a lot of what I love in logos and design. Its clean, simple, and conceptual. And of course, no unnecessary shadows, bevels, gradations or any 2.0 nonsense that I normally rant about. The beer glass reference is there, but not obvious. The circles also seem to speak to the companies and brands contained in one greater whole. The curved ends of the r's and c being notched to match the circular letters next to them border on being a little too clever for my taste, but thats pretty nitpicky, which I hate to be when overall it is so successful. As a corporate brand, it looks forward in a clean and timeless way without denigrating or bastardizing the brands that are part of it. Tasty.

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