July 19, 2008


A few amusing details spotted during the New York trip: The top pic is a couple of hats at one of the neighborhood fetivals/markets we ran across. I was amused that they used Hillary's logo (the worst of the three candidates logos) but changed her name to Obama and McCain for these. Though perhaps her logo was the only one without any meaning and generic enough that you could put any name in it. Also notice the hologram stickers on the bill of the caps - see? authentic!! ... The seesaw streetsign was amusing to Myron and I. Beware of Seesaws? Warning: Seesaws Ahead? ... The ironwork in the transom of a rowhouse we walked by seemed to be calling me a "Ho". Myron assured me that it said "110". ... In case it really matters to you, the menu at Nathan's also displays calories for each item. Somethin tells me if you're ordering Bacon Cheese Fries, you're not counting your calories. ... And the sign at the Cyclone rollercoaster in Coney Island reminded us to be sure to check our beepers and walkmans, among other things. Does anyone have those anymore? [...and a note for anyone who doesn't see it in the comments - my Dad pointed out that apparently its a law in NYC now that they have to display calorie contents. I had no idea.]


langolier said...

Re: Bacon Cheese Fries?

It's the Law!


Unknown said...

wow, no way! I had no idea!