June 13, 2008

top of the list

Okay, I love Kathy Griffin. Love her. I want to have her babies. C'mon Kathy, how bout it? Okay, or I'll just babysit your dogs?! I'll bring over an Emmy and they can play together. Well, okay... was worth a shot. Regardless, the new season of her show My Life on the D-List started last night (I hope this isn't another 6-episode season like last time) - its definitely one of the best episodes. She hosts New Years with Anderson Cooper, visits with her Mom (and her wine), and takes her date Steve Wozniak to host some awards show (where he hacks her iPhone in the car on the way). Jam packed full of great Kathy moments. The D-List is on its A-game. It repeats on Bravo several times this weekend and early next week if you missed it. Even though her show open is awful, the show always makes me laugh outloud to myself. Set your TiVos and enjoy!

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