June 4, 2008

stick it

I guess I must have finally whined enough about no one coming to visit since moving to the beach. I've got another one! My friend Glenn is moving from Austin to Seattle and is making a stop in LA for a couple days with his dogs Hattie and Shadow. We took them down to dog beach in Long Beach to let them experience their first ocean waves. Hattie was tireless after finding a stick about three times her size and demanding it continually get thrown back into the waves for her. If we were too slow in throwing it back, then she'd just attack and bite the waves as they came in. Shadow was a little less graceful with the stick, but he was more about making friends with the other dogs anyway - and there were some adorable ones. Dog Beach really is awesome. Its really a shame LA or one of the Beach Cities can't get its act together to make one of their own.

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