June 19, 2008

star wars

My friend Eryk suggested that I do a recap of each week's Design Star. Mind you, Design Star isn't one of the fun trashy reality shows that I would normally recommend, but our friend Matt's on it, so we're watching. Here's what happened this week:

Open is very shiny. Matt wears a funny hat. Home challenge is a ruse. Group goes on boat to McMansion they'll live in. Group yells 'wooooo'. Host talks. Groups woos some more. Group gets challenge. Group woos even more. Matt wears another hat. Group splits into teams. Matt and Mikey take a bedroom. Matt tells Mikey its tight. Michael gasps over a leaf. Matt comes up with a cool idea. Another team debates sunroom. Tracee grimaces. Teams go shopping. Jerome picks some ugly stuff. Matt grimaces. Stephanie tries to figure out how to use a ladder. Rooms get painted. Work ends. Matt snores. Teams do more shopping. Boys see a pool table. Michael gasps. Tracee doesn't like it. Matt and Mikey build. Matt wears a headress. Girls use assets to get a bargain on a table. Group carries a table. Group woos. Work ends. Matt snores. Girls ruin pretty table. Tracee nags. Teams scramble. Time ends. Group woos. Girls leave painters tape on wall. Stephanie cries. Group goes in shiny room. Everybody smiles. A lot. Judges critique living room. Tracee says she was left out. Team squabbles. Everybody makes faces. Judges hate sunroom. Vern lectures Tracee. Tracee disagrees. More faces. Judges hate upstairs bedroom. Judges hate it some more. Judges rave over downstairs bedroom. Judges scowl over dining room. Group leaves shiny room. Group squabbles. Judges deliberate. Stephanie cries. Tracee cries. Group comes back into shiny room. Trish, Matt, & Michael get best scores. DPaul and Mikey get good scores. Tracee and Jennifer get okays. Stephanie and Scotty are left. Stephanie cries. Scotty gets kicked off. Door slams. Stephanie cries some more. Tune in next week for more.


langolier said...

Group woos. ???

Do you mean Group 'Wuss'?


Unknown said...

na, I mean "wooooo"!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

heehee..I love your recap...long time reader/lurker, first time commenter...keep it going!

Unknown said...