June 27, 2008

star crossed

As I mentioned last week, my friend Eryk suggested I do a weekly recap of Design Star, which we are watching because our friend Matt is one of the competitors. This weeks was a pretty boring episode, so you didn't miss much if you missed it. One good takeaway is that from the editing, its clear they are giving Matt a prominent role, which to me says good things about how the show may end up... In the meantime, here's what happened this week:

Shiny open. Host guy wakes up group. Group goes outside. Matt - um - accidentally - forgets his shirt. Host tells group to pick something on the lawn 'yard sale'. Group scrambles. Group picks items. Group goes to a house. House has four identical rooms. Group gets paired into teams. Teams get challenge. Group woos. Picture falls off wall. Teams deliberate. Teams shop. Jen nags Tracee. Mikey nags Stephanie. Teams work on rooms. Host stops teams. Matt shows more skin. Teams go back to house. Tracee and Jen bicker. Mikey puts the reigns on Stephanie. Matt cuts up his statue. DPaul hangs molding. Tracee lolligags. Jen fumes. Tracee and Jen argue. Everyone scrambles. Host stops teams. Teams work again. Jen and Tracee fight. Tracee cries. Teams scramble. Host blows horn. Time ends. Group woos. Everyone goes to shiny room. Jen and Tracee show their room. Lots of whooshes. Judges hate room. Jen and Tracee bicker. Matt and Michael show their room. More whooshes. Judges love room. DPaul and Trish show their room. Even more whooshes. Judges don't love it. Mikey and Stephanie show their room. Still more whooshes. Judges like it okay. Group waits. Judges deliberate. Tracee fights with everyone. Mikey, Matt, Stephanie, and Michael get top scores. Jen and Trish get okays. Tracee cries. DPaul stares. DPaul gets kicked off. Door slams. DPaul cries. Tracee cries. Tracee rejoins group. Group is silent. Stay tuned for next week.


langolier said...

Can you show those of us who aren't 'initiated' what a 'woos' is, or what several 'whooshes' are?


Unknown said...

theyre audio, so I dont think theres any way to show them

langolier said...

can you put one on youtube and embed it?

dad again