June 15, 2008

look ma, no hands

For those that don't know, beginning July 1st, it is illegal to use a hand-held cell phone while driving in California. And unlike the seat-belt law, which is an add-on fine when pulled over for another violation, you can be pulled over for the cell phone violation. To raise awareness, this viral video is making the rounds. According to the makers, while the driver was obviously a plant, it is completely unscripted. Its pretty damn funny. And not only is it funny, its a great example of viral video. The message about the new law is clearly but subtly slipped in and not overly obvious, and the maker of the video only places a logo at the end without any explanation of what their company is. If you go to the web address, it turns out to be a hands-free cell device company, but you could easily watch the video and never know that. Younger generations of consumers don't respond to videos where they feel like they are being sold to, or being tricked - this does neither. But most of all, its just plain funny, which is what makes it get passed on: a key point of viral campaigns that often is not met. Watch for yourself:
  • YouTube: Kid Fails Driving Test 5 Times
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