June 18, 2008

here kitty

If you ever had dreams of owning "Kitt," the car from the cheezy 80's tv show "Knight Rider" that made David Hasselhoff famous, well...I'm afraid its too late. I stumbled onto this after the auction was already closed on Tuesday, but it seems that a seller in Carlsbad just sold the car on Ebay. It was also featured in the Knight Rider tv movie (who knew there was one?) and a 2006 Adam Sandler movie, not to mention the Nick & Jessica Variety Hour! I have to admit that I didn't really watch knight Rider as a kid, though I remember it and I'm sure I saw a few episodes. I actually caught some recently on some obscure cable channel at 3am, and have to say that my memory of the car seemed a lot cooler than it actually looked. In case you would have wanted to buy it for yourself: Though Kitt does have all kinda of airfoils and light screens, it has no warranty.
  • Ebay: 1984 Pontiac Trans Am Kitt
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    Gordon said...

    There are other versions of this car around, one of them previously owned by the 'Hoff himself resides in a car museum in England.

    (and was discussed on BBC Radio 2 yesterday on Chris Evans show)