June 16, 2008

dads never die

As someone who spends all day, most every day, reading politics and watching political tv, Tim Russert's death this weekend caught me, like everyone, by surprise. And like everyone, it made me think. But more poignant for me was the email I got the same day from a friend of mine in Virginia letting me know that his father had passed. As I put some of my thoughts together in an email back to him the next day, I came across an interesting realization. While it was originally a personal thought in a personal email to him, I hope it won't cheapen it to him by sharing it publicly here:

"I hope you allow yourself to feel the loss that you naturally [should] feel, but also find comfort in remembering the times you shared with your Dad and the lessons you learned from him. If you're like me, chances are as every year goes by you find even more innate and unexplainable ways that you resemble your Dad - in things that amuse you or interest you, or mannerisms and ways you react to things. Things that have come to be [a part of you] long after you left the home. The things you learned from your Dad and those unexplainable similarities you share are both ways that your Dad lives on as long as you do."

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