May 28, 2008

warm welcome

After a long day of canceled and delayed flights in Dallas yesterday, I'm back in LA today playing some catchup with work. We landed the "wrong way" last night - our plane landing over the ocean from the West instead of the more common way from the East. I've written about seeing the planes come in that way, but its the first time I've been in the plane for one of those reversed landings. It was kind of cool - though a little disconcerting when I saw a plane taking off from another runway the opposite direction! Every time I've watched from the ground, they always had both runways going the same direction. Nonetheless, its always good to back to the familiar warm orange glow that the light casts here. It doesn't hurt that today was one of those brilliantly clear days here with perfect weather during the day, and one of those nights where the waves are crashing particularly loudly tonight.

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